Take a look at some examples of my work in the categories of Web Design, UX/UI Design, Social Media Marketing, Copywriting, and Graphic Design.

Web Design & Development

Bermuda Heart Foundation Site Redesign

Throughout January of 2020, my classmates and I at Elon University were privileged with the opportunity to travel to Bermuda to help the Bermuda Heart Foundation further their mission of preventing heart disease. As the web designer and developer for this project, my job was to design and create a new, modern, custom WordPress website, as well as assist with user-experience testing along the way.

CityGate Dream Center Web Development

For my capstone project at Elon University, I developed a responsive, SEO-friendly, bilingual, custom WordPress website for the CityGate Dream Center. I also developed new logos, established a style guide and consistent branding guidelines, and developed a strategic social media plan and subsequent guidelines.

UX/UI Design

Mathnasium Assistant App Prototype

This app was created to assist managers at Mathnasium, a math tutoring center, in streamlining their everyday tasks. My process involved identifying the needs of the user, creating a persona, sketching various different solutions, and then creating the final prototype.

Red Robin Kiosk Redesign

For a class project, I was given the task of redesigning part of a kiosk. I chose to redesign the kiosks found at Red Robin to make it much more user friendly. To do this, I began with conducting interviews on what the user needs, observing individuals interacting with the kiosk, sketching possible solutions based off the user feedback, and then, finally, creating the prototype.

Social Media Marketing

CityGate Church Digital Marketing

For about a month and a half, I volunteered as a digital media specialist for CityGate Church, where I was able to skyrocket their social media and web presence. During my time there, I worked to:

  • Increase Instagram engagement by 60%
  • Increase Facebook engagement by 40%
  • Create content calendar and maintain consistent posting schedule on both platforms.
  • Optimize web content to enhance user experience and increase SEO.

Facebook Marketing for NC Businesses

During my time as a Digital Marketing Assistant, I individually managed and created content for many different Facebook accounts, from seafood restaurants and construction companies, to dentist offices and painting companies. Some of my achievements were:

  • Increasing post reach by 81%
  • Increasing post engagement by 25%
  • Creating a content calendar and maintaining consistent posting schedule for all accounts.


I have written content for several business blogs and websites that engages individuals and enhances SEO. Below are a few examples:

Graphic Design

Jeff Bezos VS. America Infographic

This infographic was created to depict the extreme issue of wealth inequality in America, specifically between Amazon owner, Jeff Bezos, and the average American family.

Child Abuse and Neglect Spread

This spread was created to spread awareness about child abuse and neglect within the foster care system. It was apart of a student-produced magazine about adoption in America.