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Everyone has a website these days, so you can’t afford to have a generic design. You need a website that’s catered specifically towards your unique needs.

CityGate Dream Center

The CityGate Dream Center aims to nurture their community and create opportunities for all! The Center needed a website that showcased all of the programs, events, and resources they have to offer.

Kidsport Gymnastics

Kidsport Gymnastics Academy offers both recreational and competitive gymnastics classes for kids of all ages! The owner desired a website that highlighted how fun and family-friendly the facility is. 

Naylor Clinic

The Naylor Clinic of Chiropractic and Acupuncture offers a variety of services to help patients feel their best. The owner desired a website to showcase all of their offerings and attract new patients.


SkinPhD is a dermatologist-endorsed, cosmeceutical skin care line. The owners desired a website to not just sell their products, but also educate the customers about all of their many benefits.

Dr. Tamika Torres

Based in California, Dr. Torres is a psychologist and business coach who offers a variety of services to help others live empowered lives. She desired a website to promote her services and attract new clients.

The Point of Light

The Point of Light Counseling is a private practice in New York City focused on helping individuals reach their “point of light” and feel their best. The owner wanted a website to showcase her services.

SuperKidz Academy

SuperKidz Academy is a childcare facility in Louisville, KY that aims to nurture each child to be a SUPER kid. The owners hired me to promote their exceptional, yet affordable care and attract new parents.

Green & Pristine Cleaning

Green & Pristine Natural Cleaning Co provides superior cleaning services natural cleaning agents that are safe for both their clients and the environment. The owners desired a website to promote their services and generate leads.

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