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— Growing up, I always had a passion for all things involving writing and creativity. I would always host creative contests with my siblings, like who could develop the best advertisements for fake businesses, who could write the best story, and even who could create the best-looking desserts out of Play-Doh.

— After graduating in 2018 from UNC Chapel Hill, I realized my passion for digital marketing as I entered the workplace. Digital marketing allowed me to combine creativity, marketing, writing, strategy, and my love of social media and technology; it was perfect!

— Later on, I returned to school to get my Master of Arts in Interactive Media from Elon University, to broaden my skillsets and knowledge of digital media and design even further.

— Since then, I have become an award-winning web designer and developer, and have worked with numerous brands to help them effectively market and sell their products and services online. I love the challenge digital marketing presents, and I can’t wait to work with even more small businesses to strategize how to make their digital presence more profitable.

— When I’m not behind my laptop bringing fabulous ideas to life, you can find me reading, writing, enjoying a pilates or bungee fitness class, watching Stranger Things, or wishing I was traveling.

Mela Williams | Freelance Web Designer & Copywriter

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