about me

— Growing up, I always had a passion for writing and marketing. I would always host contests with my siblings on who could develop the best advertisements, from visuals to slogans, for fake businesses we created.

— After graduating in 2018 from UNC Chapel Hill, I realized my passion for digital marketing as I entered the workplace. Digital marketing allowed me to combine creativity, marketing, writing, strategy, and my love of social media and technology; it was perfect!

— Later on, I returned to school to get my Master of Arts in Interactive Media from Elon University, to broaden my skillsets and knowledge of digital media and design even further.

— Since then, I have become an award-winning web designer and developer, and have worked with numerous brands to help them effectively market and sell their products and services online. I love the challenge digital marketing presents, and I can’t wait to work with even more small businesses to strategize how to make their digital presence more profitable.

my services


Creating the perfect “digital home” for your business.

copywriting &

Turning viewers into customers with compelling content.

social media marketing

Boosting brand awareness and engagement.

branding &
Logo Design

Making your business stand out from others.